Reparatur, Wartung, Verkauf und Vermietung von Kaffee- und Espressomaschinen

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55VOLANTE makes the bartender the protagonist of his bar. Many tools provided to customize and have a precise and continuous control of the workstation at the counter, without sacrificing an attractive design and made in Italy.


we want to provide the barista with as many tools as possible to allow him to customize and control the work. Independent coffee groups (saturated) allow the setting of different temperatures. Independent steam boilers allow the setting of different pressures. Temperature probe and timer on the steam wand give full control to the barista over the milk transformation.

We made it easy with 55 VOLANTE: all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance can be carried out from the front of the machine, halving the time and making the intervention easier. The materials we used and their robustness make it a unique machine.

Technical details

  • P.I.D. heating system
  • Display TFT touch screen (colors)
  • Automatic switch off
  • Energy saving
  • Coffee counter
  • Automatic washing
  • Maintenance warns
  • Multiboiler / Multisteam
  • Coffee and steam extraction
  • Ligth led
  • Smooth flow: dispensing flow sweet and steady for an espresso made with velvety homogeneous texture
  • Fingerboard “easy use”: it’s conceived in a very intuitive way and to be comfortable to the touch
  • Mug bowl: the adjustable in 4 position grid facilitates the management of different sized cups.

 Download: Datenblatt

Bianca PL162T


Montag bis Donnerstag

09.00–18.00 Uhr


09.00–14.00 Uhr

und nach Vereinbarung
Telefon: +49 (0)30 - 740 765 99

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