Reparatur, Wartung, Verkauf und Vermietung von Kaffee- und Espressomaschinen

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The STH 9 is a machine with limited dimensions, yet it does not lose sight of the professionalism that characterizes our products.
Equipped with double boiler technology, along with high level electronics, it allows to adjust the temperature , an extraordinary thermal stability and energy efficiency.

55VOLANTE makes the bartender the protagonist of his bar. Many tools provided to customize and have a precise and continuous control of the workstation at the counter, without sacrificing an attractive design and made in Italy.


Designed for those working with large volumes Precise, easy to handle, intuitive to use and always reliable, even with intensive use. Pre-set function for the amount of water used to brew the coffee

Available with 4- or 6-button keypad.

Already a classic. A machine that has become a great success with the public, thanks to its easy use and top-level performance. In just a short time, it has become key to lots of bars and coffee shops, thanks to its iconic design and Italian quality.


Supporting structure in painted sheet steel.


Interris is a pod espresso machine of the highest quality. Designed with bold, eye-catching materials like steel, brass and ceramics, for solid style, Interris is the ideal design complement for any home.

A new way of making espresso, a revolution.

Independente is as you see it, simple, compact and creative for a unique and unmistakable coffee.


Create a perfect and tasty filter coffee or an alternative espresso with various aromatic facets.

Pompabassa is the art of coffee.

One of XLVI’s top machines, designed to astound you with memorable coffee/ Unique designs, top-quality materials and excellent performance: that’s Azomico, a system designed to keep speciality coffee. Two years in the design stage, during which time we carried out tests, made improvements and performed simulations to recreate the conditions of use and daily problems normally found in a bar.


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